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Minorities believe they are unfairly targeted after every terror attack : Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh voices concern

The National Integration Council meet was inaugurated by the Prime Minister. The theme of deliberations and discussions was communal violence bill. Giving the inaugural address, the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said that, Minorities believe that are unfairly targeted after every terror attack. He said, “Nevertheless, we need to maintain a continuous vigil in this regard. We also need to recognise that members of the minority communities often have a perception of being unfairly targeted by law enforcement agencies in the aftermath of unfortunate incidents.”

The Prime Minister advocated free and transparent investigations of terror attacks. He said, “While law must take its own course, we need to ensure that our investigating agencies are free from biases and prejudices of any kind. The media also has to play an increasingly important and constructive role in promoting peace and harmony in our society. “

The communal violence bill puts the onus of responsibility for for any targeted attacks on minority communities on their respective state governments.


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