sanpada2Why did you open the door? That’s the question Rajiv Saraswat’s family is asking after he opened his door at Taj for terrorists, believing they were security personnel. Rajiv Saraswat was one of the many victims of the terror attacks and was a resident of Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. The city paid homage to one of its residents who lived at Sanpada who died in the Mumbai terror attacks. An officer with HPCL, Rajiv Saraswat was popular in family and social circles for writing poetry on subjects of human interests, touching up the aspects of humanity and terrorism. Little did the poet know that he too will become victim of terrorism that he attempted to address with poetry and that too due to a serious error in judgment that cost Rajiv Saraswat his life. The senior Rajbhasha officer was in room number 471 of the Taj when there was a knock on his door around 4 am on Thursday. Thinking that it was a security personnel, Saraswat opened the chained door. Unfortunately, outside the room were terrorists who shot his arm. His room later caught fire, most probably after being hit by a grenade. Sanpada resident Saraswat was accompanying MPs visiting the city for a parliamentary committee, which was holding a meeting on the Hindi language at the hotel. Ironically, four of the MPs who were present in different rooms of the hotel were rescued by NSG commandoes. Rajiv Saraswat was in constant touch with his family till he died. He spoke to them several times even after being shot. Rajiv Saraswat’s – a good poet and writer had participated on the poetry events organized by NMTV and was an eminent invitee in poetry meets across the country. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. Sudhir Sharma – NMTV News.

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