MMRDA has claimed that 19 lakh cubic metres of silt has been removed from Mithi River and the second phase of desilting has almost been completed but the river development authority is not buying these claims. While MMRDA might be trying to convince that the second phase cleaning work of Mithi River was completed, the Mithi River Development and Protection Authority, which is responsible for the clean-up of the river, has reservations over the claims of the MMRDA. As per a press statement issued by the MMRDA recently, after the completion of the first phase, which included widening, de-silting and removal of rocks, the second phase is also on the verge of completion. But sources in the MMRDA revealed that there are a number of loopholes in the work that has been done. In the daily labor report filed by the officials concerned, MMRDA speaks about carrying out rock blasting at Mahim causeway. This blasting, which is carried out under water, requires police permission as well as permission from the Centre for Water and Power Research Station, Pune (CWPRS). But these permissions do not appear in the reports. Furthermore, the details related to the number of machines used, number of laborers who have worked are also missing from the report. Another claim that MMRDA has made is that it has removed 19 lakhs cubic meters of silt in the second phase. MMRDA has paid for removing 2 lakhs cubic meters of rock; while in fact it has removed only 90,000 cubic meters of rock. The Mithi authority is thinking of appointing an outside agency to review the progress of the work being carried out by the MMRDA. The cleaning work of Mithi River has once again come under scanner. Is MMRDA actually true with its claims of finishing the second phase of the cleaning work or there is once again misappropriation of funds, is something that only time will tell. Sana Warsia NMTV News.


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