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Mixed emotions arises as rebels shoots down one of the most feared Syrian Intelligence Chief, Syria

General Jameh Jameh, 59, one of the most feared Intelligence Chief of Syria was been shot near his home in the Al-Joura neighborhood of Deir-Al-Zour city by the rebels. The death of the Intelligence chief has been received with mixed emotions throughout the country. The government mourns the death of Jameh as according to them he died while carrying out his mission in defending Syria. However, the people of Syria are rejoicing the death of General Jameh, as according to them he was one of the most brutal officers who was also considered responsible for the majority of violence and death of the civil population of Deir-al-Zour city.
General Jameh was also the name who had been linked to the 2005 car bomb assassination of Rafiq al Hariri, who was the former Prime Minister Of Lebanon and who also was an outspoken critic of the Syrian armies presence in the country. “General Jameh Jameh has been a household mane of terror in the province even before the uprising. After the uprising he was even more brutal, running an intricate web of informants and agents. People across Deir-al-Zour are celebrating his death” as stated by Hasan Hasan a Syria analyst. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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