fortis-film-shooting-3Call it the NMTV Impact. After following up the Hiranandani – Fortis issue for almost a year, the Standing Committee this week approved the criteria for eligibility to implement the 10% reservation for the poor at Hiranandani – Fortis Super Specialty Hospital. MLA Sandeep Naik – who steered studied deliberations on the policy taking the leads several times has stated that royalty or no royalty, film shooting will not be permitted in the hospital premises owned by NMMC. After dilly dallying for years, the NMMC Standing Committee finally approved the 10% reservation policy for the poor at NMMC-Hiranandani-Fortis Hospital at Vashi. The policy has been sealed with strict guidelines to the NMMC administration to ensure that all demands made by corporators are incorporated in the proposal and followed by Hiranandani-Fortis. If the latter does not any violation, then the NMMC would cancel the agreement with them. After the approval MLA Sandeep Naik had informed the media that the main issue of rates for implants, medicines and surgicals have been fixed at cost to cost and not market rate. He said that the Commissioner had confirmed that all clauses of members are acceptable to Hiranandani – Fortis and the quality and cost would be supervised by NMMC administration. Much controversy has also been created over the royalty collected by Hiranandani-Fortis for giving the hospital premises for film shooting. However, members strongly objected to this and demanded that film shooting be stopped at the hospital. Commissioner Vijay Nahata informed the house that he has already sent a letter to Hiranandani-Fortis disallowing them from film shootings at the hospital premises. The same was confirmed by MLA Sandeep Naik who said film shooting has been banned on the hospital premises. However, whether Fortis will follow this order is a wait and watch. This is because in an interview with NMTV News, the Director of Hiranandani – Fortis Dr. Rajeev Bhoudhankar had confirmed that the film shooting was a part of their marketing and nowhere in the agreement does it say that they cannot market their beds. He had also stated that they are made to look like villains and that no one is seeing what services they have brought to Navi Mumbai. However, despite these justifications, the NMMC administration has overruled them banning film shooting at the hospital premises. MLA Sandeep Naik says that henceforth, if any instructions given by the members are violated, then the agreement would Hiranandani – Fortis would be cancelled. In fact, MLA Sandeep Naik was clear on NMMC’s stance. Royalty or no royalty – they will not permit Hiranandani-Fortis to carry out film shooting on the hospital premises that is owned by NMMC. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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