MLA Sandeep Naik visit may expedite completion of Mother Child Hospital at Airoli

Airoli MLA Sandeep Naik was once again spotted in his Airoli constituency, this time, to visit the Mother Child Health Hospital in Airoli. With the construction work already seeing a delay despite the deadline being in the month of May, MLA Sandeep Naik urged the need to expedite the process to relief patients of Airoli.

In the early hours of the morning, Airoli MLA Sandeep Naik arrived at the site of the Mother Child Hospital in Airoli to see the extent of work done. It maybe recalled that the NMMC had approved a 100 beds hospital in Airoli in the year 2009. However, the contractor has been doing work at a very slow pace. The deadline for the completion of the hospital was in the month of May but the work till date has reached only the plinth level. In the meantime, the patients of this hospital were diverted to Mahajan hospital. In order to bring relief to the patients, MLA Sandeep Naik personally visited the site with NMMC officials to know the technical hitches and problems being faced in the project. Speaking to NMTV News, MLA Sandeep Naik said that since the facility was not available to patients, there was a need to expedite it.

Bringing immediate solutions on the spot, the MLA recommended NMMC to initiate the new plan with increased manpower, increase work shifts so that the construction moves in a speedy way. He stressed that with fast work, the quality should also be maintained.

MLA Sandeep Naik also inaugurated civic works in ward no 1, Airoli for drain and footpath work in the node. MLA Sandeep Naik said that the new civic work would resolve the problem of water accumulation in the node. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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