manda1MLC Manda Mhatre continues to do the work that she has started for the fishermen community across Navi Mumbai. This time the leaser has undertaken the work of constructing of a jetty in Ghansoli. In the presence of local fishermen, MLC Manda Mhatre performed the bhumipujan of the work. Despite being the actual landlords of Navi Mumbai, the fishermen community have been neglected and not given there due basic rights and amenities, more often than not. The fishermen community has been demanding jetties at creeks to ensure that they have safe and convenient fishing season. MLC Manda Mhatre has been putting in a lot of efforts in this direction. To the relief of the fishermen community in Ghansoli, MLC Manda Mhatre performed the bhumipujan of the construction of the jetty at Ghansoli in the presence of hundreds of villagers and fishermen. These fishermen were facing several problems of spreading fishes in vast area for drying and various activities for a long time. While these still need to be addressed their demand of a jetty did see the light of the day as MLC Manda Mhatre successfully procured the permission of constructing the jetty in a years time. MLC Manda Mhatre expressed satisfaction over being able to do something for the fishing community. A jetty would permit fishing with a lot of convenience for the fishermen and according to MLC Manda Mhatre it would also help the Sagri police station that is a coastal police station of Navi Mumbai. The jetty is being built due to the contribution of local resident Gangaram Patil who gave his land for the construction of a jetty. MLC Manda Mhatre has got the funds of Rs 50 lakhs scantioned from the state govt for making the jetty out of which 25 lakhs would be spent on the road while 25 lakhs would be spent on the actual construction of the jetty. Former corporator Deepak Patil was also present on the occasion. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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