Unlike other leaders who only make tall promises but never fulfill them, NCP MLC Manda Mhatre says she has fulfilled every promise she made to the city and made full utilisation of her funds. For the work done by her, a five year report book named Bharari based on the social, educational and political life of MLC Manda Mhatre was launched at the hands of Mayor Anjani Bhoir. The only woman leader from the entire region representing the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), MLC Manda Mhatre has many achievements to boast of. An able and experienced leader, Mhatre has struggled for the development of the city for many years and shares the credit for the development witnessed by the city. From providing jetties to the Koli community, to development works in villages, MLC Manda Mhatre has rose along with the development of the city. Based on her life, the five-year report book named Bharari was launched at the hands of Mayor Anjani Bhoir. MLC Manda Mhatre also announced her desire to contest for the upcoming state legislative assembly elections. Insisting that she was eligible for the ticket considering the efforts she had taken for the development of city, Mhatre said she was prepared to fight from either of the two constituencies – Belapur or Airoli. Further she also stated that she would work towards the development of the people in future also. The locals of the area also praised the work done by her. The Centre has many women leaders in prominent positions and at power but at the state level there are no women leader who have emerged as a powerful leader. Also with NCP Sipremo Sharad Pawar advocating women reservation in politics, MLC Manda might become a strong NCP choice candidate in the upcoming elections. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Anil More for NMTV News.

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