miti-nadi-4MMRDA too is trying to have a share of the land surrounding the Meethi river at Bandra Kurla Complex taking advantage of the width of the river. Cutting down mangroves of the area, they are trying to convert the jungle into barren land. MMRDA too does not want to leave its share of pie in the increasing realty prices of Bandra-Kurla Complex. Hence, despite the High Court orders, MMRDA is trying to cut down the mangroves situated at the banks of Meethi River to convert it into a barren land. Ironically the center has given Crores of Rupees to MMRDA to broaden the mithi river given its importance from saving the city during floods, the MMRDA is doing quite the opposite or so it seems. The same was reiterated by a resident of Maharashtra Nagar, Devraj Gauda who showed our team the land where MMRDA was carrying out preparations to cut the mangroves. Even as our team was shooting the site two panicky MMRDA officials came on site and started given an explanation on the same. However, when asked to speak on camera they refused to comment on anything. After the 26 / 7 deluge, despite warnings and serious approach by the central government, the state government and its organizations like MMRDA could not care less, allege locals. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.


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