rajendra-mahale-1If there is one clear message coming through in the run-up to the Maharashtra assembly poll, it is this: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s Rajendra Mahale is going to have the casting vote in the Belapur constituency. MNS candidate Rajendra Mahale popularly known as Pappu Mahale is contesting from the Belapur constituency. A new entrant in Navi Mumbai politics, Rajendra Mahale is making waves in the political circle here. Rajendra Mahale while new, has been able to attract a huge crowd of supporters, well wishers and party workers during his campaign rallies in the Belapur constituency. He conducted his rallies with enthusiasm and vigor which has pulled locals from their homes and come out in the streets to pledge their support to this candidate. Throughout his campaign rallies, Mahale had time for every resident that he met and made sure that he understood their problems and needs. Mahale visited various nodes of the city which included CBD Belapur, Nerul, Shirawne village, Vashi and Sanpada. In each of his rallies he was flanked with a huge crowd of supporters and well wishers. Rajendra Mahale has clearly stated that his election issue would be the Marathi manoos and giving the sons of the soils what they deserved. In his rallies and party meetings, he has stressed on the need of having providing education to the underprivileged and employment to the unemployed youth. He has promised that he would pressurise the state govt to amend the employment policies to thrive the shut industries in city. Also, he will conduct job-oriented training programmes to make people qualified. Mahale has also assured that the PAPs in city will be due importance when carrying out the developmental activities. He will put pressure on the upcoming state government to give the best possible facilities in terms of home, education, job to the PAPs. If the Lok Sabha elections held earlier this year is taken into account, then even in these state assembly elections as well, MNS could create a dent in BJP-Sena votes. And as far as Belapur constituency is concerned, though Rajendra Mahale was given the MNS candidature at the last minute, his presence is definitely going to be the casting vote for both the BJP-Sena and Congress-NCP. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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