Despite the order of the Mumbai High Court to ban mobile hoardings from city roads, mobile hoardings are still seen in prominent places in Navi Mumbai. And shockingly, the mobile hoardings are kept without the permit of requisite departments. From the very beginning, media channels have been highlighting the corruption prevailing in the operation of hoardings in the city. Your channel had even telecasted a report which proved that NMMC was facing losses of around Rs 30 crores each year due to the corruption in the operation of these hoardings. Another that has added to the list is now mobile hoardings. After the order passed by the Mumbai High Court on the ban on mobile hoardings, out team contacted the respective departments in Navi Mumbai to find out the functioning of mobile hoardings in the satellite city. And shockingly, the officers of the department have stated that the mobile hoardings on city roads are not just illegal but also do not have the requisite permissions for operation. The decision of the Mumbai High Court came in wake of a PIL as mobile hoardings were not just breaking the traffic rules set by the Indian Roads Congress but were also affecting the discipline of traffic. Keeping this in mind, even the RTO office in Navi Mumbai had stalled the permission of mobile hoardings in 2005. He further added that action would be taken against those mobile hoarding companies which have failed to take the required permission. Even the ACP – Traffic Nandkumar Chougule confirmed that the traffic police had stopped giving out permit to mobile hoardings in the year 2004 as these hoardings were a main cause of accidents. According to the ACP, all the mobile hoardings operating in Navi Mumbai were in fact against the rules. When we spoke to him about the order of Mumbai High Court to ban mobile hoardings completely, he informed that he would soon meet up with his seniors to come to a decision on the same. We also spoke with the Deputy Municipal Commissioner of NMMC, Amrish Patnigire who stated that he would speak on the subject after they receive the order from the High Court. Even if the Deputy Commissioner wants to wait on the High Court order, the confirmation by the traffic department and RTO cannot rule out the fact that mobile hoardings in Navi Mumbai are running illegally as both the departments had given their permit in 2005 that too only for an year. With the passage of two years from then, it is not difficult to estimate the amount of palm greasing by a few corrupt officers so that illegal mobile hoardings can be run in the city. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.


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