sanjeev-n-2Sanjeev Naik conducted the first press conference after being nominated as NCP Congress RPI candidate in the Thane Lok Sabha by poll. I trust the sanctity and wisdom of the voters in the country’s second largest constituency and I firmly believe that Sanjeev Naik’s victory will not be my victory of the people of this region,’ voiced Sanjeev Naik while addressing his first press conference at Vashi to the media about the projects and agenda of the NCP congress-RPI- Lal Nishan front candidate in the Thane Lok sabha by poll to be held on may 22. Sanjeev Naik’s maturity, respect for his opponents and commitment to the task ahead for the development of the region and the welfare of the citizens, was clearly and genuinely evident in every word he poke to the media. Inspite of the constituency being nearly 70% urban and 30% rural, Sanjeev Naik expressed equal concern for both regions and testified his total awareness of all issues affecting the region. He pointed out the need for railway lines to carry farm products from the hinterland to the urban markets, providing gas pipelines , the utilization of forest lands in tune with environmental concerns, providing ownerships of lands to landless farmers tilling the lands for generations, formulating a policy for conservation of mangroves without obstructing essential development, taking a decision on the thousands of acres of salt pan lands, providing the metro mono rail networks in the region and planning and providing world class infrastructure to the constituency. Referring to Rs. 20000 crores proposed to be spent annually for augmenting infrastructure in the MMRDA region under the JNNURM,BUDP and other government funding, pledged to initiate and implement all the development and infrastructure projects essential in the constituency he assured to clear backlog of proposed works caused by the 2 and half years sickness of the former MP. Though the tenure of the MP to be elected in the by-poll will be very brief about 12 to 15 months only, sometimes even the complete tenure of 5 years is too short to get works approved and implemented. He asserted that the by-poll was significant as it would direct the political future of the constituency and Thane district with 24 legislators in the new assembly next year would be responsible to decide the Chief Minister of the State.


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