sanjeev-naik-bhayander1Newly-elected Member of Parliament Dr. Sanjeev Naik wasted no time after taking the oath in New Delhi and immediately sought an audience with the rail ministry to put forth the problems faced by city commuters. The MP was in Bhayander railway station to get hands on information on the problems that commuters face during traveling. A look at the Bhayander railway station will tell you how much it is in need of more frequent trains. As each train that arrives at the station is quickly filled by scrambling commuters till the train is choked till the doors. It’s not the fault of the people as the commuters inform that there is a variation of atleast 1 hour between trains. Sometime even women commuters have to hang from train entrances. To get to know this issue of the commuters, newly elected MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik visited the Bhyaander railway station and met the commuters on the train as well on the platform to know about their problems and issues. Speaking to the media, Dr. Sanjeev Naik stated that the Bhayander railway station was over 10 years old because of which the infrastructure was quite old. He stated that there was a need to implement newer plans for the convenience of the commuters by increasing the timing and frequency of trains. Speaking on the demand of a separate train for women, he stated that a survey would be done and then the changes implemented. As of now, the trains are so jam packed that there is no proper space for women, senior citizens or physically challenged. Dr. Sanjeev Naik informed that he personally met Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee and requested her to look in to the demands of the Thane city. Very soon a detailed draft would be prepared by them and submitted it to the ministry. The young MP is leaving no stone unturned and is even meeting ministers of surface transport, shipping and ports next week to seek sanctions for the water transport project proposed by him. If sanctioned, this project will help connect Navi Mumbai to Gateway of India in Colaba and help ease traffic problems in city. From Thane, Manoj Singh for NMTV News.

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