msedc-3There is good news for malls and advertising agencies and industries as MSEDC has called off the power strictures on them. The last month saw MSEDC implementing harsh power cut schedules due to power crisis in the state. In the course power to hoardings were stopped, malls were supplied 20% less power supply and industries were subjected to two days of continuous power cuts. Nature came to MSEDC’s rescue as continuous downpour has eased load-shedding. In the course MSEDC has announced that there will be no power cuts to malls and hoardings and industries will face only 16 hours of load shedding as compared to the earlier 40 hours. MSEDC Superintending Engineer, Satish Karpe informed NMTV News that with rural Maharashtra receiving ample rain, farmers using pumps have reduced from 30% to 5% plus TATA is giving MSEDC a regular supply of 100MW of power. He assured that if this trend continued power cuts will be completely scrapped off by May 2009. Well, all know that industries did suffer because of unjustified power cuts but as far as hoardings and bus stops in the city are concerned, no one can remember them not being lit anytime. So while advertising agencies were not affected then and will not be affected now, it definitely is a little relief for the sick Thane Belapur Industrial belt. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.

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