Where on one side MSEDC has introduced snapshots of electricity meters on the electricity bill to make the procedure more transparent, the issue of consumers receiving exorbitant bills has not died now. The case of exorbitant bill received by a resident of CBD, Belapur had just been solved, when another case has been reported. A resident of sec 29, Vashi, L R De Silva too came across the same issue. De Silva used to receive nominal bills of Rs 1200-1300 for the last two years when suddenly, recently he received a bill of Rs 31000. he approached the local MSEDC office to complaint against the electricity bill but received no co-operation and instead was presurrised to pay the bill. Out of fear that non-payment would lead to power disconnection, he succumbed and paid the bill. The De Silva family has been staying in sec 29 Vashi for the last 2 years and recived meter reading of only 400 units every month and suddenly in the month of November 2007, they received a meter reading of 4812 units and a whopping bill of Rs 31000. the De Silvas blame this at MSEDC’s pathetic system and mismanagement. We also spoke with the Executive Engineer, R D Munde about his take on this case. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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