The MSEDC has once started load shedding in the city. The Maharashtra Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. has once again started its load-shedding plan. The load shedding that had started from early this year was stopped during monsoon. The city residents for months faced a difficult time due to the often-erratic load shedding schedule of MSEDC. The reason MSEDC resorted to load shedding was because the demand for electricity is increasing day by day. The power crisis in the state has intensified with all categories of consumers facing longer hours of power cuts than ever. Apart from urging consumers across all categories to reduce their consumption, the state power regulator has now cracked the whip on the lone category that had so far been exempted from it. The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL), which distributes power to consumers outside Mumbai, has claimed a steep increase in power consumption. Though the load shedding was called off during monsoon, the MSEDC has once again started the same. Executive Engineer for Vashi Division R D Munde informed Navi Mumbai News the same and said that load shedding for Vashi Division will be from 8 am to 10:30 pm. REPAIR WORK OF TRANSFORMER MAY FORCE RESIDENTS TO GO WITHOUT POWER SUPPLY AT NERUL There are nearly 1 lakh consumers who have to face irregular and many hours of load shedding due to 1 of the two main transistors not functioning. Due to no intimation by MSEDC, these consumers are caught unaware and face the inconvenience due to irregular load shedding hours. There are 6 main transformers for Navi Mumbai. Two of these are in Nerul, Sector 18A. One of these transformers has become non functional thereby hitting 50 thousand consumers of this node. For a few days in a row, MSEDC had to cut power supply for several hours in a row due to this but this is being done without any intimation. Presently the MSEDC is managing electric supply through substations in Kharghar, Vashi and Taloja. But despite this, there is power cut for nearly 5 to 6 hours daily. Residents who have no idea why there is power cut and the timings for the same are highly inconvenienced due to this. Speaking to Navi Mumbai News, Executive Engineer on the node, Yashwant Kamble said that the problem should be addressed in three to four days.

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