Msedc-3The Maharashtra Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. has once again revised its load-shedding plan. Residents from across the city have voiced the difficulties and inconvenience they face due to load shedding. The reason MSEDC resorted to load shedding was because the demand for electricity is increasing day by day. The power crisis in the state has intensified with all categories of consumers facing longer hours of power cuts than ever. Apart from urging consumers across all categories to reduce their consumption, the state power regulator has now cracked the whip on the lone category that had so far been exempted from it. The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL), which distributes power to consumers outside Mumbai, has claimed a steep increase in power consumption in the past five months. From 2471 MW in August 2005, the shortfall in power supply has grown to 4212 MW in December 2005. Hence, all other categories of consumers will also be in for a higher quantum of load shedding. While villages now face 12 hours of load shedding every day, urban areas could face up to four hours of power cuts every day, depending on their payment efficiency. Navi Mumbai, for instance, faces two-and-half hours of power cuts every day because its unpaid consumption is about 25 per cent. The MSEDC recently revised its schedule once again. The load shedding timing in Vashi and KK will be from 8 am to 10:30 pm and in Airoli is from 2pm – 4:30pm. The state now is trying to create awareness on the need for consumers to save power to avoid load-shedding during peak hours in summer. Under the

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