fire-office-2The Mumbai fire fighting department has issued notices to 25 shopping malls and around 70% of towers in the city for violating fire safety norms. One might say that with the many skyscrapers and shopping malls coming up, the city is on its way to advancement and progress. However, the reality is something else. Recently a survey of the towers and skyscrapers was held by the Mumbai Fire Fighting department in which the case of violation of fire safety norms came into limelight by these constructions. In the last 10 years, the department had zeroed on 1600 towers and tall buildings and shockingly found that 60-70% of these buildings were did not have any security equipments. Also, buildings which were given NOC for having the proper equipments, did not bother to maintain the equipments once NOC was received. Its not just residential and commercial complexes but the survey also showed that 24 shopping malls in the city were violating fire safety norms some of them being well known like Big Bazaar, R Mall, Orbit Mall and Nirmal Lifestyle in Mulund, Central Mall in Byculla amongst others. Another biggest challenge for the Fire Fighting Department is slums established at every possible nook and corner of the city. Slum establishments have narrow lanes and if any fire incident occurs, these narrow lanes would trap the slum-dwellers and insufficient water supply would add to the problem. Shockingly, the administration which carries out action on small dwellings, has failed to take action on any of these luxurious malls and their negligence and lax attitude maybe one day become the cause of a huge disaster. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.

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