mgm-1Looks like even the appointment of the eminent senior counsel Srihari Aney is not bailing out MGM Trust’s Hospital at Vashi in the case going against them in High Court. And why are we saying this! Well it is because of the latest development of the case in which the High Court has asked CIDCO to submit an affidavit or the court will be forced to summon CIDCO MD G S Gill. A fortnight ago there was a major development in the Sandeep Thalkur V/s MGM Trust, Vashi case being heard in the High Court. The expose of breach of agreement by MGM Hospital at Vashi had not only compelled Dr. Sudhir Kadam and Dr. Nitin Kadam to resign from the Pvt. Ltd. company running the medical store in the hospital but the trustees also appointed senior counsel Srihari Aney to fight their case in the Mumbai High Court. This however is not helping the MGM Trust so far. Sandeep Thakur had also called attention to the fictitious income-expense account shown by the trustees that Rs 75 lakhs was being paid to CIDCO in the form of rent was no amount was being paid. The trustees have also admitted in court that the fictitious entry was shown for management purposes. While MGM had also filed an affidavit with clarifications, CIDCO has not yet responded at all. Sandeep Thakur informed that during a hearing of the case of November 11, even the lawyer of CIDCO did not deem necessary to be present in court. An annoyed High Court has now ordered CIDCO to reply to the submitted affidavit by December 9th or the Managing Director of CIDCO would be summoned to court. When asked about the muteness of CIDCO over the matter, Sandeep Thakur said that it was pretty clear that they did not want to hurt some influential people – in this case the Kadams who run the popular MGM Group of Hospitals and Institutes in the state. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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