mumbai-port-1On behalf of Mumbai Port Trust, Dock and General Employees Union, Dr Shanti Patel had conducted a press conference in Mumbai Marathi press club. Workers who are members of the Mumbai Port Trust, Dock and General Employees Union working under life risking conditions protested that despite the dangers to their lives they are working on temporary contract basis. The union is trying to unite all small worker unions of this industry to make their voice heard. Their basic demands include drinking water facilities, health examination, public awareness campaign for health, ambulance facilities, blood group examination of the workers and protecting human rights are some of the facilities that they want to be provided to these workers. They are stressing on canceling all the conditions that are responsible for harassment of workers by forwarding internationally accepted documents. The workers are hopeful that GMB Secretary Paul Kenny who represents a similar organization in UK would bring relief to them. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Ashok Jagtap for NMTV news.

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