high-rise-motorbiker-7In the last three years, the percentage of motorbikes on roads has taken a steep rise. From a figure of three lakhs in the year 2003, motorbikes on road shot up to 6 lakhs in 2006. The craze for bikes amongst youngsters has always been present in the market. However there are various other factors which have led to the sudden increase of motorbikes on road. Many commuters prefer using motorbikes as they can easily weave through the roads which are most often jammed packed with traffic. Motorbikes are also more convenient than four-wheelers for commuting to schools, colleges and markets. Another factor that has contributed immensely to the increase of motorbikes on road are the easy loan offers that buyers can get while buying motorbikes. Many banks even give loan upto 50-75%, easing the purchase of motorbikes for the buyers. Even in cities like Navi Mumbai and Thane, the RTO has seen a sudden growth in the registration of two-wheelers. However, this sudden increase might be more work for the RTO and even difficult for the traffic department to cope with, as motor bikers are major violators of traffic rules and also the ones who meet with accidents more often.

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