ravi-sir-3Time to share some good news with our viewers. The University of Jerusalem has awarded Ravi Subbaiah with an honorary doctorate. Soon after Mumbai Sheriff Dr. Indu Shahani honored NMTV Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ravi Subbaiah for making NMTV a forum to work for social causes. The award was conferred on him during the grand finale of Lions Club International’s October Service Week in Mumbai. Born on 13 January 1969, Ravi Subbaiah suffered severe polio attack at the age of 3 years. However, his mother took up the challenge of ensuring that he attained education in main stream at a time when society did not permit disabled children to study in main stream education. Ravi Subbaiah did not let his mothers’ trust and faith go waste – he completed his graduation in Commerce from Mumbai University and soon founded SSV Cable Pvt. Ltd. – that is one of the largest cable and Internet service providers of Navi Mumbai. Having closely experienced the challenges of being a person with disability, he floated the Handicap Welfare Association that works for the welfare and implementation of equal opportunities and rights of persons with disabilities in Navi Mumbai. And last but not the least, he started a mission that he called – NMTV. Under his dynamic leadership, Navi Mumbai Television is the 1st cable new channel in India to have been awarded the state’s accreditation. NMTV is accredited news channel by the Govt. of Maharashtra for viewership and quality programming. NMTV news relays have earned the distinction of being unbiased objective, bold and truthful. Thus carving a niche for itself in the galaxy of media in the city. For his work and research in the field of media, this month he has been awarded with an honorary doctorate from the University of Jerusalem this year. NMTV Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s hard work was recognized – again – when Mumbai Sheriff Dr. Indu Shahani honored NMTV Editor-in-Chief Ravi Subbaiah for his achievements and contribution to society despite the challenges he faced as polio afflicted from the age of 3. The Sheriff recognized the hardships overcome by Ravi Subbaiah to make a mark in the media industry and making NMTV – the only state recognized local cable news station as a medium to disseminate information to the masses and NMTV an avenue for social causes in society. Earlier Ravi Subbaiah has also been awarded the Indian Merchants Chambers “Jewel of Navi Mumbai” award and the prestigious Galilean International Award. After honoring Dr. Ravi Subbaiah – the Sheriff spoke to NMTV News.


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