world-bank-3If the state government decides to take seriously the technical advice offered by a World Bank panel, then very soon the city would take a vertical look. A new face of the city, one of the least vertical amongst major world cities, may soon get skyscrapers and buildings of 30 storeyed or more if the state government will take the advice of the World bank panel. Vertical city was the clear message the urban planners delivered. In a presentation to the state government officials and the members of Citizens Action Group, the World Bank panel stated that the FSI hike should be synchronization with the spatial structure of the city. They stated that this would be possible only after the city grants FSI between 8 to 10 for its business districts. The city at present has 1.33 FSI hikes which is the lowest around the globe. Metropolises like Singapore and New York have FSIs between 5 to 15. The state government is likely to prepare a FSI concept plan. The concept plan would mean identifying areas that require high FSI on the basis of accessibility and business growth.

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