chagan-bujbal1Responding to popular demand, the Maharashtra government has decided to shut down all theatres for three days. Also all educational institutions including coaching classes will have to shut for seven days. Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, have shut schools and movie theaters as swine flu-related deaths jumped. Schools will close for seven days from tomorrow and malls and movie halls for three to contain the virus. The same was informed by the Deputy CHief MInister Chaggan Bhujbal. This is what the DCM had to say on the upcoming festivals, which generally sees a huge gathering of people. The decision of the state is however seeing a lot of opposition from the masses who are questioning that crowds are all found in railway stations and bus depots then why are only malls and schools shut down. With cameraperson Ranjit Gupta, Dhiraj Mishra for NMTV News. The Home ministry has been receiving a lot of flak for failing to prevent the spread of the virus Swine flu. In a recent held high-level committee meet at Mantralaya, Minister for Home Naseem Khan informed about the preparation done by the ministry. Swine flu, which first appeared in Mexico in April, has spread across the world, infecting more than 160,000 people and causing more than a 1,000 deaths, according to the last WHO update. The organization says the virus may infect as many as 2 billion people, about 30 percent of the world’s population. To prevent the virus from spreading further, a high level committee meet was held at Mantralaya which saw the presence of Deputy Chief Minister Chaggan Bhujbal and Minister for Home Naseem Khan. With cameraperson Ranjit Gupta, Dhiraj Mishra for NMTV News.

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