beach1MCGM has decided to ban entries to five prominent beaches at Mumbai after 6 pm. This decision is not being well received by Mumbaikars who are demanding an extension of time. Most Mumbaikars, at one time or another, have revelled in a casual walk on one of the city beaches and felt the rush of water engulf their feet, and the sand beneath their heels sift as the waves ebbed. However, the charm of wading through the seawater while enjoying the sunset is soon going to come to an end. MCGM has decided to restrict public entry to five beaches of Mumbai after 6 pm. The decision has been taken not as a security measure at the beaches, but due to the rising numbers of drowning cases in the last six months. Mumbai has 13 seashores and beaches out of which Juhu, Marve, Madh, Aksa and Gorai see huge crowds during the weekends. Additional Municipal Commissioner Kishore Gajbhiye stated that the highest number of deaths caused was due to drowning and hence a ban was necessary. However, this has not been well received by the people. Lifeguards at the beach though have a different opinion. According to the guidelines, lifeguards have to man the visitors venturing into the water at all times. Hence, in the next few months, the BMC is going to erect watch towers on the five beaches. Also, the lifeguards will be equipped with rescue boats and binocular to keep a vigil. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sunil Sharma for NMTV News.

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