mumbai-water-problem-1-MCGM’s Water Supply Centre will be closed for a few days as it has encountered some technical problems. According to the officials, due to frequent power cuts, fire broke in the power room of the department leading to the shortage. A fire broke out in the pumping station of the water supply Centre at MCGM located at Panjarpur. The reason for the fire break out was frequent power cuts in the area which has damaged the transformer. This water supply centre supplies water in the eastern part of Mumbai. Due to no pumping of water, there would be water shortage in the entire city. Some areas might even face low pressure of water with the eastern region suffering more for a day or two. Today, the entire Maharashtra state is suffering due to power shortage and now due to this the citizens will have to face water shortage problems also. Therefore, for next two days Mumbaikars have to be ready to face water shortage. With cameraperson Dnyaneshwar Mali, Monica Bhosale for NMTV news.

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