cardic-abmu1MCGM will finally implement its plan of starting 24X7 cardiac ambulance service that was first proposed in 2006 after the July 11 train blasts. With the aim to provide cardiac services to its poor patients, MCGM has bought 35 new ambulances for its civic hospitals. The ambulances would be equipped with respirators, doctors and paramedics. According to BMC medical chairman Dr. Prakash Patarfekar, 16 of the ambulances would be cardiac ambulances while the other 19 would be for general purposes. According to the officials, these ambulances will reduce the fatality rate in cases of cardiac arrest by 50 per cent. In Mumbai, more than 7,000 people die due to heart attacks and of them 30 per cent die due to a delay in transportation or access to timely medical facilities. The ever-increasing traffic in the city is one of the reasons for the delay. During the serial train blasts that killed 187 people, many died because they had to be transported in auto rickshaws and private vehicles, as there were no enough ambulances.

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