afsar-imam-prog-3Several NGOs gathered together under one roof in Nerul to condemn the cowardly attack on innocents in the serial bomb blast in Mumbai. Several NGOs, mostly those run by the Muslim community gathered together in Nerul to conduct a meet to condemn the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. The meet was conducted under the guidance of Afsar Imam – the President of Navi Mumbai People’s Welfare Association. Afsar Imam has been actively working in the social circles of the city. The meeting at Nerul was presided over by the former Commissioner of Bhopal Municipal Corporation Dhanraj Choudhary. The main speaker for the meeting was Ali M Shamsi – the President of Markaz-E-Falah. The highlight of the meeting was that hundreds of city Muslims gathered at the meet and condemn the attack on innocent citizens in the cowardly attack by anti social elements in the Mumbai Serial bomb blast. In fact, women of the community too participated in the meet in large numbers. While all criticized the attack, the women of the community said that due to the dirty work of a few in the name of religion, it blots the entire community’s name. Hence, when such attacks are fought against, people of all communities should join hands and fight it. One woman stated that those who take the shelter of the religion’s name in such cowardly acts are not Muslims at all as this is not what Islam teaches. While addressing the audience, Ali M Shamsi said that those who spread hatred in society are not from any religion and such people who kill innocent are not supported by anyone who follows the path of what the religion truly teaches. He said that the entire community disapproved of this act in the strongest way possible and added that those behind the blast should be given the severest punishments. He appealed the youth of the community to stay away from such elements who misuse the name of the religion. Afsar Imam called the terrorist siblings of saitan or the evil and said that they should be removed from the society from thr roots itself. He said that only when those behind the attack will be punished severely, those who intend to create hatred in society in the name of religion would back off from indulging in such acts. The Chief Guest Dhanraj Choudhary expressed disapproval of the bomb blast by voicing a few poems. The meet was successful in projecting how Muslims all over the world condemn the attack on innocent by terrorists in the name of religion and showed that they too are front-runners when it comes to fighting against such terrorists.

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