_silence-zones-1If you are a resident of Navi Mumbai, you must have notices “Silence Zone” signboards in several sectors that house residential buildings, educational institutes and hospitals. While you think it is good news it’s not yet because there seems to be no legal father for them. This is because neither the NMMC Ward Office at Vashi nor the Traffic Police know who put the boards. Sign boards of “Silence Zones” are coming up across nodes in Navi Mumbai. But the first ones were put up in Vashi. Various sectors that house residential buildings, educational institutes and hospitals have now been categorized as “Silence Zones”. While this is being welcomed by all citizens, looks like it is not all good news yet. This is because the NMMC and the Navi Mumbai Traffic Police are responsible for ensuring that noise decibels are not violated in the silence zones. But when NMTV News visited the local Ward Office at Vashi, the Ward Officer Ashok Madhvi; had no knowledge about who put the boards. Unfortunately, the ward officer was so ignorant on the subject of these signboards when many have been put up at stone throw distance from his office at Sector 14, Vashi. We then went to the Traffic Police and even there neither did the officials know who put the board, where all they have been put up; though they did accept that implementing the silence zone rule was their responsibility. This makes it clear that there has been no coordination between NMMC and Navi Mumbai Traffic Police on the silence zone signboards or the areas demarcated as silence zones when these two departments are in charge of implementing this rule in these areas. In neighboring city Mumbai, alert citizens and NGOs do not let authorities take their rights for granted. Perhaps that is why you always hear reports of how active and responsible MCGM and Mumbai Traffic Police is about silence zone areas and books any violations promptly. Unfortunately in Navi Mumbai, authorities fail to fulfill the calls of the duties often and very rarely do citizens or NGOs pull them up for this. So it would not be a surprise, if these Silence Zones end up being like “No Parking Zones” in the city. Even in this case signboards of No Parking are put up in the city but due to shortage of staff with traffic police and NMMC, its implementation is a big failure. If the mystery over the silence zone signboards continue and NMMC and traffic police continue to remain ignorant on them, it will have the same fate as “No Parking Zones”. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble and Santosh Bodhare, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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