Navi Mumbai Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat had a word of advice for young scribes on how to report. Namdeo Bhagat was speaking during the weekly Standing Committee meet on the Bhise scam when out of the blue he turned to reporters with his advice. Navi Mumbai Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat seems to be disappointed with journalists’ style of reporting. Speaking on the Bhise scam and need to complete NMMC’s backlog of audit reports, Namdeo Bhagat turned to journalists gallery in the Standing Committee Hall and pointed out that the meetings always witnessed young scribes attending the meet and reporting about it. He advised that instead of reporting who said what, the young journalists should instead report on graver issues like the need to complete NMMC’s audit reports and likes so that the NMMC functions better. Namdeo Bhagat also disapproved the fact that audit reports were brought in bulk for discussions stating that instead of discussing the backlog in one go, the Chairman should convene Special Standing Committee meetings everyday to discuss the audit report. Ironically the suggestions were coming on a day when all the members of the Standing Committee came for the meeting at 11 when the scheduled timing for the meet was 10 am this week. Something that even the Chairman sarcastically pointed out as he announced calling special standing committee meetings soon for completing the audit backlog. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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