narayan-rane-2During State Revenue Minister and Sr. Congress leader Narayan Rane’s visit to Navi Mumbai, Congress Corporators indulged in strong criticism against former corporator Kishore Patkar alleging that Patkar was playing agent and misguiding residents of CIDCO apartments promising them re-development of their apartments. The Congress corporators also criticized Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. Narayan Rane however refrained from joining the attack and instead advised Congress corporators to not indulge in criticism and rather work for increasing their numbers in NMMC from 15 to 50. Congress corporator of Navi Mumbai did not mince words to criticize former corporator Kishore Patkar for misleading residents of CIDCO apartments; promising them redevelopment of their dilapidated homes. While Avinash Lad spoke against Kishore Patkar, Namdeo Bhagat criticized Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik instead. While the local Congressmen might have hoped that Narayan Rane would join the attack against NCP, they were in for disappointment. Because when Narayan Rane took the stage, speaking directly to Namdeo Bhagat, Narayan Rane said that he has to sit and speak with Ganesh Naik during the cabinet and if he criticized Ganesh Naik now, then Namdeo Bhagat might say that Narayan Rane came down heavily on Ganesh Naik in Navi Mumbai and was cozying up to him in the cabinet. He clearly stated that he did not believe in criticizing others. In a rather embarrassing moment for Congress corporators, Narayan Rane advised them to not waste time in criticizing others but instead work to increase the number of Congress corporators in NMMC from 15 to 50. No matter how much the Congress corporators criticize, both Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and Kishore Patkar are to be given credit for successfully undertaking redevelopment of dilapidated CIDCO homes. In fact, it is the failure of Congress corporator Avinash Lad who had promised his ward residents who are living in dilapidated CIDCO buildings, redevelopment but even after five years, has failed to fulfill his election promise. May be Congress corporators should listen to Senior Congress leader Narayan Rane and instead of indulging in destructive criticism should do constructive work in their wardsinstead. With bureau inputs, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.

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