airportNMTV predictions have come true. The Center Environment Ministry has rejected CIDCO’s proposal to build an airport on the present site on grounds that the area is prone to flooding. Experts say that after the rejection, the Navi Mumbai real estate will face its biggest fall in recent years. CIDCO’s most ambitious dream has turned into the worst nightmares. The Center has not thought twice before rejecting CIDCO’s proposal to make an exception and relax CRZ norms in the case of Panvel site. The Union Environment Ministry disallowed a state application to change a zoning law that would let it chop up the lush man groves, which form an ecologically fragile belt that serves as a buffer between sea and a land prone to flood. The mangroves occupy a fourth of the 1,140 acres needed for the Panvel airport, for which a master plan is ready. The Centre has now asked CIDCO to look for alternative sites that are not ecologically sensitive zones. Few years back, an expert teams who conducted a survey of the Panvel site had said that making an airport at the present site would mean environment massacre but CIDCO tactfully hushed up the matter. NMTV had been reporting on how the plot reserved for airport had Gadhi River flowing through it and filling up the river to give way to the airport would prove disastrous for Panvel region. Following our report, CIDCO had quietly taken off the board of Gadhi River from the site. The center has upheld all the concerns of NMTV as it rejected CIDCO airport proposal. The rejection is now set to roll the ball for the property market of Navi Mumbai facing its biggest set back. From Panvel, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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