pond-1Other active and alert citizens and joggers coming to Vashi’s Mini Seashore seem to be waking up to the development of an illegal garden within the holding pond. Nilofar Shaikh met the members of the Navi Mumbai Citizens Welfare Association who disapproved the role and stance of the local corporator Avinash Lad and demanded action by NMMC soon. It maybe recalled that NMTV Weekend Expose titled “Is the Corporator from Vashi an Environment Friend or Environment Destroyer?” brought to you how Avinash Lad – the Congress corporator from ward no. 47 demonstrated adamancy on how he would not let NMMC officials remove the illegal garden within the holding pond in Vashi’s Mini Seashore. The corporator knows that the NMMC Engineering Dept.’s report has confirmed that the garden is illegal as it could not be built inside a holding pond and recommended that the garden be removed. Following this the Commissioner gave orders to remove the garden but corporator Avinash Lad has been using pressure tactics disallowing NMMC officials to follow the Commissioner’s order. The corporator is overlooking the fact that reducing the capacity of the holding pond can spell disaster for the neighboring sectors of 6, 7 and 8 of Vashi during flooding 26 July. However, now many citizens groups are joining hands – vocally disapproving NMMC’s illegal act and demanding action. Members of the Navi Mumbai Citizens Welfare Association voiced disapproval against the encroachment of the holding pond done by NMMC at the instance of the corporator. A of the NGO informed us about the importance of the holding pond. Elaborating on his point, he said that the holding pond is formed for a specific purpose and that the purpose should be served. He also said that no one is above the law. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV news.

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