sports-3Its good news for the players and sportsmen of Navi Mumbai, as the satellite city has been given the status of being a district for sports, which means players playing here at the district level can directly go for zonal tournaments rather than travel to Thane district. Initially any tournament played out in Navi Mumbai was held at the taluka level and then players had to travel to areas of Thane district, to play at the district level. However, giving a boost to the players and sportsmen of Navi Mumbai, the satellite city has been given the status of a district for sports. This means that players can play in the satellite city itself and then directly go for the zonal tournaments. Earlier, students traveled to different areas of Thane, which included going as far as Kalyan, Jawar, Murbad, Bhiwandi and Domivali and only then could they quality for zonal tournaments. It was a difficult situation for students who have to cope up with their studies and pursue their talent for sports amidst hours of traveling. Apart from being tiring, it was also a concern for parents juggling the routine of their child. According to the sports manager at Navi Mumbai Sports Association, Dattray Gorde, this will definitely boost the spirit and morale of students in sports. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Poornima for NMTV News.

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