ganesh-naik2With the aim of encouraging students for their performance on the board examinations, 124 students of SSC and HSC from Navi Mumbai schools were honored at the hands of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. Organized by the Navi Mumbai Krida Sankul, the uniqueness of the event was that special children were also a part of the honoring ceremony, reports Nilofar Shaikh. Young brilliant minds of Navi Mumbai have done the city proud in the HSC and SSC examinations and every effort to recognize the achievements of the students is welcome. So was the one taken by Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul. State Environment and Excise and Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik presided over the event as the Chief Guest. Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul invited the top 50 rank holders from English and Marathi medium schools that included 124 students from across the city and honored them with cash prizes, trophies and certificates. Ranging between Rs. 2000 to Rs 1 lac, the Sankul awarded a total cash prize of over Rs. 6 lacs to students. The highlight of the event was that special children who are rarely a part of such honoring ceremonies were the special invitees. These special students that included physically challenged and deaf and deaf-blind too were awarded with trophies and cash prizes. The top three toppers of HSC were also honored during the event. The highest cash prize of Rs. 1 lac was awarded to Harshal Chavan who stood first in Mumbai Division of HSC Board. Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Gulabrao Pol was also present during the event. In his address he appreciated the efforts of the Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul, headed by Sandeep Naik (SGHOW JANTA DARBAAR CLIPPING), for taking initiatives like these to encourage students. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik on the other hand gave students food for thought by telling them that all degrees and qualifications were a waste if students did not grow up with characteristics to become responsible citizens of a society. This advice hit a chord with the students as Harshal Chavan walked on stage to promise the Minister that students would live up to the expectations that elders had with them. After the ceremony, excited parents and students spoke to us and were all praises for the event organized by the Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul. And here’s what excited students had to say about the event. When personal efforts of students meet social contributions of NGOs like the Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul, it goes a long way to build a tradition of excellence in education. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.

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