We all know how difficult life becomes without water supply for just a day. It leaves little to imagination and explanation, if this happens for four consecutive days. The 4000 residents of Ambedkar Nagar at Turbhe were reeling under similar circumstances. Despite this being brought to the attention of the area ward office and the local corporator, residents continued to suffer. Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Monika Bhosale brings to you a first hand report on the frustration and anger of residents. The frustration and anger of the residents, especially of the women of Ambedkar Nagar at Turbhe is difficult to be put into words. While the city celebrated the most important phase of Ganpati celebrations, residents here were suffering due to no water supply for 4 days in a row. The first thing that hits when we visit the area is the filth and dirt lying around. And to make matters worse, there was no NMMC water supply in the area for 4 days. Living in hell for the last few days, extremely angry locals voiced their frustration to Navi Mumbai News. Locals blamed their corporator Congress’s Sangeeta Sutar on neglecting them purposely. They say that to have the water pipeline work credited to her name, she insisted on re-laying of good pipelines, they allege and further awarded the work to her own relative. Desperate residents informed that all their pleas have gone unheard. Navi Mumbai News then contacted Congress Corporator Sangeeta Sutar who claimed that water was being supplied to Ambedkar Nagar through tankers but the locals called this claims a farce. Navi Mumbai News also met the Turbhe Ward Office officials. Within a few hours of our report, water supply was restored in major households in Ambedkar Nagar. We thank NMMC officials for taking cognizance of the matter. However, the issue has brought to light another significant aspect. When the wards in NMMC’s jurisdiction were increased from 64 to 90, it gave a new hope to residents that there will be more representation to their problems in NMMC. But alas, to the sheer disappointment of Navi Mumbaikars, the increase in number of corporators has only added to the woes of residents. And the poor continue to be victims of injustice and wrong.

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