builder-underworld-threat-1After the shoot out on the builder at Sanpada, the police have put the city on alert and send a warning to developers of the underworld targeting them for extortion in wake of the boom in construction business in this satellite city. The bad news that sent shock waves across the builders fraternity after the broad daylight shoot out at upcoming builder Vijay Gajra’s office at Sanpada of Bhoomi Constructions has not ended. The police have now asked top builders to stay alert. The police say that they have evidence to suspect the involvement of the Ravi Pujari gang in the Sanpada shoot out and hence, they are also telling other reputed builders of Navi Mumbai to anticipate such risks. According to the police, the boom in construction activity in Navi Mumbai is another reason why threat from underworld is highly probable. The police have intimated some of the reputed builders in Navi Mumbai to take precaution and immediately inform the police of any threats. At their personal levels, several developers have beefed up security measures in their offices with a few even employing bodyguards and police protection. The Navi Mumbai market, with hyped artificial market rates, builders are purchasing land at unreasonable exorbitant rates. Several builders are cheating customers by selling same flats to several buyers besides making extra bucks on loading upto 50%. The new players have spoilt the market, say the old developers and a new rivalry has been brewing between the two groups. Sources allege that all this has evidently brought builders to the notice of the underworld.

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