mp-5-rifles-The Quick Response Team formed by the Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerate got a major boost with the state providing this team with 14 hi-tech MP Five Rifle. This addition is likely to benefit the Quick Response Team to tackle emergencies and attacks. The state had ordered each Police Commissionerate to form a Quick Response Team. The work of this team primarily is to tackle any kind of attacks or control riots. Post the order of the state, nearly 1.5 years back, the Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerate formed the Quick Response Team which included 48 constables and 8 officers. With the aim to boost the working of this team, the state has provided them with 14 hi-tech MP five Rifle. Now at present, the team has 15 AK-47, 14 MP five and Glock pistol. The MP five rifle is easy to handle and also has the special provision of light rays which is helpful for the officers to use during night time. The rifle has a range of 100m and carger range is 35m. The rifle can fire 20 rounds of bullets. Such rifles are provided only to such advanced teams. With the hi-tech rifles in their battalion, the Navi Mumbai Police has started training their officers to use these rifles. A special one-week course is also being provided to them at Kalina. Speaking to NMTV News, the rifle trainer of the Quick Response Team A P Gadge informed that compared to age old rifles, these MP five were much more hi-tech. Another rifle trainer P G Patil said that the new addition had boosted the morale of the officers in the team as practicing on the old rifles had a lot of technical problems. It has to be said that never before in any Commissioner of police tenure, such drastic and quick steps have been taken to upgrade the functioning of the Navi Mumbai Police, boost the morale of the police personal and implement steps that have been winning the trust and faith of citizens on the law and order forces of the city and all the credit of this goes to the dynamic Commissioner of Police Ahmed Javed. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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