microtech-3After facing bureaucratic harassment for four months, Micro Technologies has decided to freeze its recruitment of 2000 employees and has planned to shift the expansion plans to United States. Highly placed sources of the company confirmed the reports. Micro Technologies has stalled all its expansion plans for Navi Mumbai. The management has decided to freeze 2000 recruitments. Directors of the company were in United States for a fortnight and have received extremely warm response from the states. Highly placed sources in Micro Technologies confirmed the report that the companies’ expansion plans have been moved to United States from Navi Mumbai. All this because of the bureaucratic harassment of NMMC that the IT Company has faced over the last four months. The company feels being discriminated because of the 538 buildings that operate with OC in Navi Mumbai, only their office was sealed for operating in premises without the Occupancy Certificate. Commissioner Vijay Nahata himself admits the numbers of buildings without OC and having illegal construction. For the last several months, Commissioner Vijay Nahata has been promising action against other buildings operating without OC but has failed to take action against any other violator. As a result one can see the towers in Sector 1, Big Splash and the building that houses Vishwakamal at CBD in the 538 buildings all operating without OC under NMMC’s nose. Adv. Rahul Thakur says NMMC is giving a wrong message in public by such discriminatory action. He says that the corporation has the power to arrest all violations but is evidently is not following them. Social activist Sandeep Thakur who has been quite vocal on this case says that action against 1 building in over 500 violating is unfair. He added that in Sector 30, Vashi where all plots were allotted by CIDCO for IT Parks, only Micro Technologies fell into the category of IT companies but was targeted by the local corporation. Where on one side NMMC has sealed Micro Technology’s office in the Sector 30, Vashi building it has given permission to the developer to use its premises in the same building. Commissioner Vijay Nahata feigned ignorance when we asked him about this discrimination. The NMMC administration might give hundred reasons to deny the allegations but fact is that the administration sealed one IT company out of the 538 buildings without OC and even after 4 months has failed to seal any other building. There constant harassment and discrimination has shaken the company’s belief in justice. Courtesy NMMC, an IT Company of international repute is moving major operations out of Navi Mumbai and your city is loosing over 2000 job opportunities. From Mahape, with Rajeev Mishra, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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