jewellers-meetThe Navi Mumbai Jewelers Association held a heart to heart talk with the Navi Mumbai Police on their 18th Annual Meet. The Navi Mumbai Jewelers Association was formed in the year 1987 and today has 300 members. The association held a jewelers meet recently to mark 18 years of the association. The meeting was presided over by Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Ramrao Wagh who along with former State Addtl. Director General of Police Bhujagrao Mohite, other top Navi Mumbai cops were invited by the jewelers association to discuss several issues faced by jewelers in the city. Apart from discussing future strategies, the meet also saw the top cops giving advice and suggestions to help control the number of robberies in jewelry shops and how to discourage them. Several jewelers without hesitation voiced their dissatisfaction over the role of the police in some area, which includes delay in arriving at the scene of crime after being informed by jewelers that helps robbers to run away and difficult to arrest them later. A few even requested the police to relax the procedure of acquiring licenses for weapons. In his addressal Commissioner of Police Ramrao Wagh suggested that for the safety of jewelers, they should try and operate from closer areas and have joint security systems. He said that the sense of security in jewelers should be worked upon and advised them to use CCTV, mobile phones with cameras and the likes.


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