cidco-lease-deed-The issue of paying lease deed premium to CIDCO was raised in the recently held General Body meeting where corporator Kishore Patkar demanded that the lease deed premium should be cancelled and the owners of the flats should be made complete owners. During the development of Navi Mumbai, CIDCO had given away its land on a lease period of 60 years against which CIDCO collects lease premium. The lease was given as per the Apartment Owndership Act. However, today many are questioning the premium payment as CIDCO does not provide any facilities. Corporator Kishore Patkar took up this issue at the recently held NMMC General Body where he demanded that the collection of this lease premium should be cancelled. Speaking to NMTV News, Kishore Patkar pointed out that CIDCO was collecting premium from the flat owners running into crores, while there was no facility that was being provided by CIDCO to these owners. While CIDCO is charging the premium stating that they are the leaser of the land, he questioned whether CIDCO was providing any basic facilities. He further added that it was the responsibility of CIDCO to redevelop the dilapidated buildings it had built, but instead of taking this up, it was collecting premium. He said that despite who the land owners are, the GDCR of one government body should be followed in a city. In Navi Mumbai, the GDCR of three government bodies is being followed, he said. He added that while CIDCO was earning in crores through the lease deed, NMMC was losing on its revenue. Speaking on the corruption prevalent in CIDCO, Kishore Patkar spoke on his experience of dealing with CIDCO officials for lease premium payment. Kishore Patkar had also approached CIDCO for paying the lease premium of one of his redevelopment projects, but the officials could not give him the amount needed to be paid. He demanded that before the implementation of the 2.5 FSI in Navi Mumbai, the lease deed premium should be cancelled for the benefit of the flat owners. Kishoe Patkar is now planning to take up this matter in the court and would be filing a PIL soon. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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