NCP corporator Raju Shinde raises parking crisis in sector 16, Vashi – will it stall redevelopment of c-2 type apartments? – weekend exclusive

In a bizarre decision to address parking woes in sector 16, Vashi – NMMC has started reducing the width of the footpaths in order to increase car park. This civic work not only puts a question mark on where the normal pedestrians will walk if footpaths are reduced but it also exposes the parking crisis in sector 16 that might stall redevelopment work of c 2 type apartments permanently.

This is the footpath opposite the landmark c-2 type apartments in sector 16, Vashi. The NMMC has recently started the work of reducing the width of the footpath. And you will be surprised to know that when NMTV investigated why NMMC was reducing the footpath width, we got a bizarre explanation from the local corporator of the area NCP’s Raju Shinde. Justifying the work, Raju Shinde informed that he had proposed the work of reducing the width of the footpath so that the width of the road adjacent to c 2 type can become wider. He says that with this work they will be able to provide car parking for atleast 30-50 vehicles outside c-2 type apartments that is haunted by parking crisis due to the markets in the vicinity.

Locals of the area allege that all this is being done to facilitate the redevelopment of c-type apartments; that will rake crores of rupees profits to the builders and politicians. However, refuting these allegations, Raju Shinde retorted and said that we do not have our mrtp act right and in accordance with the act the width of the main road in front of c-type apartments is 90 meters. However, looks like NCP corporator Raju Shinde does not have his facts right. Because, according to the gdcr it is not the main road facing any building but the road; facing the entrance of the building that needs to be atleast 15 meters wide. And it’s none other than mrtp act and gdcr expert and social activist sandeep thakur who explicates the rules and says; not only does the internal road have to be 15 meters wide but at the same time it should also be a no parking zone.

Sandeep Thakur also questioned the logic of reducing the width of footpaths in sector 16, Vashi. He says that one cannot go on reducing footpaths to increase car parking because then where will the poor walk? After all not everyone owns a car. But this point seems to have been either neglected or simply missed by ignorant NMMC.

The proposed redevelopment project of c-2 type apartments at sector 16, Vashi is one of the most eyed projects by builder, politicians and NMMC officials both. The estimated profits that the builder and politicians will rake from this project are likely to run into 100s of crores. How desperate the builder and politicians are can be understood from the board of redevelopment put up by the builder within the c 2 type apartment premises even though as of date the project has not even been put up in the NMMC town planning office for permission and approvals. However, even before the project can be proposed, the issue of infrastructure that haunts the area has been exposed by none other than the area’s own corporator NCP’s Raju Shinde who clearly states that parking crisis is the biggest problem in the ward. It’s another story that to tackle parking crisis, the NMMC is ridiculously reducing width of footpaths; risking lives of pedestrians who do not own cars.

If NMMC is struggling to ease the current parking menace of sector 16, Vashi by reducing footpaths, it can easily be understood how dangerous the situation will be if at all towers and commercial shops are permitted where c 2 type apartments stand today. By admitting that parking crisis is the main issue of his ward, NCP corporator Raju Shinde seems to have brought on record the reason that could permanently stall the redevelopment work of c type apartments at sector 16, Vashi. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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