sec-28-nalahThe residents of the posh and well-developed, sector 28 in Vashi are forced to live in the foul smell of the open nullah. Surprisingly in the last five years of her tenure, the public representative of this node corporator Usha Bhoir has failed to resolve the issues of the residents. It maybe recalled that this was one of the priorities and promises made by Usha Bhoir during the last municipal elections. Corporator Usha Bhoir speaking about the four main issues concerning her ward, one of them includes the open nullah between sector 28 and 29 which has become a headache for the residents. Calling the covering of the nullah as her first priority, Usha Bhoir failed miserably in doing so. The sour smell of the nullah, the fear of spreading mosquitoes has hassled the residents for years now. While the area is known as a posh and well-developed sector and while this area looks clean upfront, hear what the residents have to say about the nullah. And it’s not just the dirtiness of the area bothering the residents but even the chemical residue and smell of the nullah has angered them. For this reason, residents also claim about health problems, which is directly seen affecting the health of senior citizens and children. Residents have approached local corporator Usha Bhoir with their plea in the past. Her husband and NCP party worker Purshottam Bhoir has also accepted this fact that white chemical residue is seen floating in the nullah because of which the smell emancipated in the morning has led to breathing problems. And while he had informed the NMMC administration about the same he did not find the need to inform the MPCB officials. When we asked about covering the nullah, he informed that due to shortage of funds the project was hanging in the balance. Usha Bhoir had given priority to gardens beautification, covering of the nullah and constructing a community center in her sector if elected. However, only one of these promises have been successfully fulfilled by her which is the beautification of the garden. Looks like for Usha Bhoir her five-year tenure seemed to be insufficient to complete her other two significant promises. Even when Usha Bhoir belongs to the party whose chief was the former Environment Minister Ganesh Naik, it’s a wonder why she failed to reach at the grass root level of this health problem. Now with NMMC elections coming up in just a few months, the corporator’s husband himself has taken up the issue to fool the public. Nows it’s the public to decide if their corporator is worthy enough to be re-elected after failing miserably in the promises made in the last municipal elections. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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