sanjeev-naikAbsenteeism marred the Foundation Day celebrations of NCP in Navi Mumbai. Of the 55 corporators of the party in NMMC, 22 remained absent. Seeing the apathy of corporators on such an important occasion, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik lashed out at the corporators and senior local leaders who had failed to mobilize the corporators and party workers to remain present. He publicly voiced his disappointment and assured that action would be taken against those who remained absent. 22 corporators who remained absent, empty chairs, disinterested party workers and low enthusiasm marred the Foundation Day celebrations of NCP at NMSA. The biggest disappointment remained that newly elected corporators chose to remain absent for the day despite being sent invites, messages and even reminders. It wasn’t just outsiders but even MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik who was hugely disappointed with the attitude of the corporators. And he did not hide this disappointment when he came to address the gathering on the occasion. Lashing out at block heads of NCP in Navi Mumbai, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik appealed to NCP District President Gopinath Thakur to take away posts from those NCP party workers who were not interested in working for the party. The MP pointed out that 22 corporators who were elected just 3 months back were absent for the Foundation Day celebrations, which was unfortunate. He said that he was feeling sorry and that corporators should fulfill the calls of their duties towards a party that gave them recognition to win municipal polls. Loosing his cool further Dr. Sanjeev Naik lashed out at the 22 corporators who remained absent for the meeting and questioned that when they had the comfort of vehicles why did they remain absent. He did not hesitate to publicly point out that Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik never took any funds from corporators. He said that Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik believed that newcomers should be given a chance but those who want to take party posts only for personal profile decoration should resign. The MP said that if corporators think that having won the parliamentary, assembly and municipal polls, they can take a break, then the corporators and local leaders are wrong. After the event, the MP lashed out at the 22 corporators who were absent stating that after municipal polls, there corporators has become lazy. He added that action would be taken against those who remained absent and warned that within the coming 15 days newcomers who were showing enthusiasm in party activities will be given posts while others who do not want to work will be relieved from party posts and duties. With bureau inputs, Shilpa Suryavanshi for NMTV News.

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