NCP-Draft-3The election to the members of the Standing Committee ended in NMMC, once again in the most controversial circumstances.Suresh Kulkarni, J D Sutar, Vivek Patil, Sudhakar Sonawane, Sitaram Madhvi, Suresh Saldar and Santosh Shetty were declared elected to the Standing Committee of NMMC. Santosh Shetty was elected in absentia, perhaps the first member to be elected to the NMMC Standing Committee without present in the House. Once again the Mayor Anjani Bhoir, though present in the NMMC headquarters, opted by design to allow Deputy Mayor Shasikant Birajdar to preside at the general body meeting where the election of the Standing Committee members was held. Two years ago the then Deputy Mayor Bharat Nakhate was called upon to preside at the general Body meeting where the Standing Committee members were elected, while the then Mayor Manisha Bhoir stayed put in the mayor’s chamber. Shashikant Birajdar announced that he had received one letter from the Congress whip in NMMC Anand Kale recommending Namdeo Bhagat and Hemangi Sonawane for the Standing Committee and another from State Congress Spokeman Anant Gadgil recommending the names of Santosh Shetty ad Vaishali Tidke. Santosh Shetty and Hemangi Sonawane were voted with majority. The murkier side of politics was exposed when later spoke to the media and said that he had recommended only Namdeo Bhagat and Hemangi Sonawane’s name. He however refrained from confirming whether they will file an FIR for fraud. Vijay Mane, the SS nominee, damaged a few mikes in the meeting hall while walking out of the meeting in protest along with Congress and SS corporators. In every election and nomination at NMMC, not only does the divide of Navi Mumbai Congress come out in the open, but the mis coordination of the state Congress is also exposed. And because the state Congress does not bother to get to the matter of such fraud, the party is loosing its strength, giving an easy way to parties like NCP to dominate the scenario easily. Bureau Report – NMTV.

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