Terrorism can be arrested only if there is special focus on the development of the Muslim community and communalism will end in India, only if children are given lessons on secularism right from a tender age, Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar stated at the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Awards 2007-08. Speaking at the award distribution function of Mahatma Gandhi Peace Awards 2007-08, organised by Maharashtra’s Minority Commission Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said the school books, especially the history books played an important role in making a person secular. The country can make progress only if people become united. Progress of the minority communities is a must for the progress of any country. The union government has allocated funds for the minority in its Union budget but the same has been termed communal by political parties, who do not want the minorities and the country to make any progress, he added. The Union Minister in his speech, without naming anyone, said that some people were using their ‘pen’ to spread hatred instead of propagating secularism. During the speech the Minister taunted at the Maharashtra police and said that during one case of riots, one police officer gave a justifications that the in question riots were started by them that is the Hindus. Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Pati informed that the Home department has planned to set up a committee to promote secularism from the level of the Director General of Police to the local police stations. Speaking to the media, the Union Minister said that if the global situation was taken into account, there is explanation as to why the minority youth indulge in terrorism. For once, the message of a Union Minister reflected upon the concerns about the minority committee that need to be addressed to not let messengers of terror tap on the vulnerable minority and make them scapegoats of the vested interests of a few. Rajeev Mishra – NMTV News.


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