vijay-choug_vasantThere are going to be several breaking news that will be reported from the Navi Mumbai political scene. Political sources reveal that while on one side Vasant Dhaukare led NCP has promised Vijay Chougule undeterred support for the next assembly elections, on the other side the Sena has sent its feelers inviting Chougule to the Sena. We bring to you the details with this exclusive report. NCP leader Vijay Chougule’s birthday celebrations began with on a grand note and ended on an explosive one at Airoli where State Dy. Speaker and senior NCP leader Vasant Dhaukare declared that Vijay Chougule is the next MLA from the Digha Airoli constituency. There was no mistaking his message – the leader gave Vijay Chougule the most desired gift for his birthday by not just affirming that he was his choice for the next assembly elections candidate from Airoli – Digha constituency but a winner too. Making the declaration more dramatic Vasant Dhaukare said that as his name spells, he is a man of his words. Vasant Dhaukare was in Airoli to attend an event organized to mark the 45th birthday celebrations. Vasant Dhaukare donated two ambulances to the city medical services on the occasion. Evidently the event set tongues wagging about the rift in NCP. Comparatively new entrant in NCP, Ganesh Naik is definitely does not have a friend in the Vasant Dhaukare faction. Sensing this NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar called for a short notice meeting of the party. This was immediately after Vasant Dhaukare’s remark blaming Ganesh Naik and Jeetendra Awhad for the dismal performance of the NCP in Thane Municipal Elections made headlines in print media. And like the saying goes, “a third party is trying to take advantage of the war within NCP”. The Shiv Sena had sent its feelers inviting Vasant Dhaukare and Vijay Chougule to the Shiv Sena party. Sources reveal that Sena Supremo Uddhav Thackeray is himself monitoring the political rift and sending the feelers. There is no mistaking the might of Vijay Chougule in the Airoli – Digha constituency. In fact, Vijay Chougule has employed the Standing Chairman’s post to make a strong representation in the NMMC as well where the Congress corporators look upto him as their leader against the towering ruling front. The congress corporators left no stones unturned to exhibit the same as they organized a grand traditional event at Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium to mark VC’s birthday. This was the 1st time that a political party organized such a grand event for a leader of another political party in Navi Mumbai. Not just the Congress, but even Sena and Independent corporators put up banners and hoardings wishing Vijay Chougule birthday greeting. There is no doubt that Ganesh Naik opponents have accepted Vijay Chougule as their leader challenging the might of Ganesh Naik in Navi Mumbai. The strategic importance of this region has been made and has forced parties to lure strong leaders in their fold. With the growing unrest among the top NCP leaders off late, there is little doubt that in the near future greater political storms are going to hit the Navi Mumbai political scenario.

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