NMTV will bring you regular updates of the campaign issues confronting people in the constituency. Promises being made, promises made earlier and broken or fulfilled and the general voice of the voters in the constituency before pronouncing verdict of its exist poll on the eve of the election. For now, there is still more news from the elections. NCP candidate Sanjeev Naik filed his nominations for the elections at the Collector’s Office in Thane. Power, more power and then a little more power – that is how the nomination filing ceremony of NCP candidate Sanjeev Naik can be best described. And this had to be, for the Thane Belapur Lok Sabha constituency is a trailer of who will rule the corridors of power in the next assembly elections in the state. The Thane Collector’s office looked like a fortress with strict police bandobast as senior most leaders of the NCP party arrived to stand by Sanjeev Naik as he filed his nominations as the NCP candidate for the by polls. Sanjeev Naik Despite some factions being upset over Sanjeev Naik’s nomination, the ultimatum given by Sharad Pawar in a closed door meeting worked magic for the party or atleast on the face of it. The prominent presenties were MP Supriya Sule, Home Minister R R Patil, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, Social Welfare Minister Chandrakant Handore, NCP State President Arun Gujrati, Food and Supplies Minister Sunil Tatkare, NCP leaders Madan Bafna, Vasant Dhaukare, MLAs Gothiram Pawar, Kisan Kathore, Muzzaffar Husain and Pappu Kalani along with 1000 of party workers. We spoke to several leaders on their candidate. Sanjeev Naik – the man that is at the center of it all and promises to change the course of political hold in Thane Belapur Constituency spoke to NMTV News. With all nominations filed, the battle for the most coveted seat in this region has officially begun. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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