mukund-2Once again NCP corporator Ratna Vishwasrao’s husband Mukund Vishwasrao has been booked by the police for physical assault however this time round his goodaism has exposed hi sown party’s failure to fulfill the promise of 24 hours water supply to Navi Mumbaikars. NCP corporator Ratna Vishwasrao husband Mukund Vishwarao has time and again physically assaulted journalist, citizens in his ward and now a NMMC official. Only this time his action has exposed the failure of his own NCP party promise of providing 24 hours water supply to Navi Mumbaikars. The ruling front NCP’s leaders have time and again promised 24 hours water supply but the citizens have been facing the worst with KK, Vashi and several other nodes of Navi Mumbai facing erratic and acute water shortage for over seven days. Extremely frustrated and bugged residents could not hide their anger and frustration when they spoke to NMTV. Residents are so frustrated that they are asking authorities to forget 24 hours water supply and give residents atleast one-hour water supply. It was with the water issue that NCP’s Mukund Vishwasrao and 5 of his accomplices had gone to meet NMMC Water Supply’s Executive Engineer Sanjay Desai at NMMC HQ at Belapur. Once in his office, in his trademark style, Mukund Vishwasrao blackened Sanjay Desai’s face and when Addtl. Commissioner Dr. Sanjay Pattiwar tried to intervene, NCP’s Mukund Vishwasrao abused him too. Shocked NMMC officials stopped all work in protest and filed a police complaint against NCP’s Mukund Vishwasrao. The police later arrested him and sent him to NMMC Hospital. Reliable sources reveal that NCP’s Mukund Vishwasrao was drunk at the time of visiting NMMC and has absconded from the hospital. NCP’s Mukund Vishwasrao’s hooliganism has exposed how his own party leaders have failed their promise of 24 hours water supply. Even though you might have heard this already, hear it once again. This is Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik speaking at a recent event where boasts of citizens getting 24 hours water supply from DIWALI. It’s not been 10 days to this promise and Ganesh Naik’s own party worker has exposed the party’s false promises by indulging in goondaism over acute water shortage exposing. And this is not the first time that NCP’s Mukund Vishwasrao has behaved like a hooligan. In the past he had man handled NMTV Editor-in-Chief Ravi Subbaiah when NMTV team was covering illegal constructions being done by him and later a police complaint was lodged at Vashi Police Station when Vishwasrao threatened a priest in his ward. At that time too, NMTV News had questioned Ganesh Naik whether disciplinary action would be taken against Mukund Vishwasrao. Had Ganesh Naik seriously taken the case of goondaism by Mukund Vishwasrao, the party worker would not have gathered the courage to man handle an innocent officer on duty for the failure of his own party. Archana Tripathi – NMTV News.


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