nell--nitin-mukeshAfter making his debut from the film Johhny Gaddar, Neel Nitin Mukesh has now endorsed the Morellato time, a watch brand. The brand ambassador walked the ramp with the watch. While Neel Nitin Mukesh might have not received the kind of boost he was expecting in his fim career from his recent films like Johnny Gaddar and AA Dekhe Zara, he has managed to become the brand ambassador for a watch brand called Morellato Time. However, on the film lines, his luck seems to be still running bad as his recent flick might see some delay as it has got the go signal from the censor board. Nude scenes have been shot for the movie. Well its only time that will tell if his luck would shine in the film industry but as far as endorsements are concerned, is time has definitely come. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Sadhna Bhadouria for NMTV News.

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